Friday Night Funkin Mobile

After a couple updates this game quickly gained a huge fanbase. The creators on different platforms started to make interesting, funny and useful content and upload it, so the information about Friday Night Funkin spread. You probably saw the CoryxKenshin videos about this exciting mechanics and plot. So now it’s your turn to test this new funkin version.

Participate in various rap battles with the professional musicians, frightening monsters and personages from other products. Play as an average boy who wants to become a popular rap artist and build relationships with his beautiful girlfriend. But everyone is against you on your tough path.

Your girl’s family challenged you to the rap contest and you need to win them. But the battle didn’t stop on her dad – the member of the famous rock band. The main hero met two terrifying monsters, their lemon-headed boss, Pico – the strange boy that has a connection with Boyfriend and even the scary ghost from the computer program.

To play and win them you need to hit all notes of the songs they perform in time. Watch the arrows that are over your head and try to press the right buttons on your keyboard or the screen of your iOS device in time. The songs and the rhythm will change during the process. The last 7 week contains the fastest songs and the most powerful opponents for the main hero. You can always change the difficulty level and try yourself in the free mode to train and improve your skills.

Enjoy this Friday Night Funkin Mobile version on this site and have fun. Try it on your Android and other devices too!